Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Alex.  🙂

I worked as an EMT-B at my local fire department back home during major breaks, as well as in dermatology as a medical assistant shortly after I graduated and before I started PA School. I wasn’t always sure of becoming a PA but the more I researched about the profession, the more I fell in love with it. Now, I can’t imagine anything else.

Right now, I’m a 2nd year PA student just trying to make it through, one slide at a time on powerpoint. If you’re in some sort of higher education, I hope you find this comical with a sad twang of truth. 

Right now, I’m a 3rd year PA student on clinical rotations. Praise the good Lord that I somehow made it to this point in my PA school journey.

I’m not really sure who reads these posts, but hopefully this compilation of my unique sense of humor and personality sprinkled with truths, is my attempt to be a helpful guide for someone in grad school or a sweet memory lane for my friends and I to stroll down when we finally have our PA-C. I hope to be as transparent as possible with this blog. If you don’t know me personally and read this, I hope you can use these blogs as pieces of who I am and what I believe in and stand for. This journey is full of up and downs, kinda like life. And I don’t want to hide behind the facade of social media portrayal that my life is fine and dandy. I want to be raw with my readers with my thoughts, struggles, and victories of my life.

Thanks for visiting and reading! Welcome to the trials and triumphs of this journey I signed up for.