How to be cost effective for bachelorette parties

So your friend from that one stage of your life is ENGAGED! YAY HER 🙂 It’s time for the bachelorette party but you’re in grad school so not only are you living off loans, time is luxury. How do you balance being a good friend who is attentive and available, a good student who fulfills her academic priorities, and be able to afford groceries next month? The struggle is real, my friend.

  • I always hope and pray that the destination for the party will be in Texas. It’s easier if the person you’re celebrating is also a PA student because you know that you’ll have the same schedule and you’ll be able to go lolol. Chances are, your other classmates will also be invited. Carpool with them and split the gas.
    • For situations where you have to buy a plane ticket, my all time favorite website for searching for flights is 
    • Get someone to drop you off at the airport. If you can’t find anyone (usually my case), find a parking place that’s not at the airport to save money. I like to use The Parking Spot because they have online coupons.
  • Communicate with the Maid of Honor or whoever is in charge of the activities and be open with her about your financial capabilities. Sometimes, grad school feels like really hard college where you’re still poor. It helps when you know the itinerary ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.
  • If y’all are going out, it’s way more cost effective to drink at home than to buy drinks at the bar. I typically buy one drink for the bride-to-be and myself, and that summarizes my night lol.
  • Lingerie- I love Victoria’s Secret, so that’s where I buy my gifts from. I go to the clearance section and use the filters to select the sizes and styles I want, which is way better than searching for it in stores. I ask my friends who will also be attending the party if they want to order online also; that way, we can hit the minimum amount spent and not pay for shipping! Plus combined gifts always look more impressive than one babydoll lol. They just Venmo me later. I typically try to spend $30-40 for the gift. For the latest bachelorette party I went to, it was split 3 ways; each of us spent ~$35. We got the bride a baby doll, kimono, and a matching bra and panty set. Sometimes, I’ll use eBates to get cash back on my online purchase (more information, click here. It’s not much but eventually it becomes something lol.



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