Invent like a girl

I’m a huge supporter of having more females in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). So when I had the opportunity to work with The Word Nerd Vinyl Studio, I jumped on it!

#1: she’s from Texas (I have a lot of state pride, okay? I’m a Texan).

#2: I love this heather blue color and the logo on it.

#3: The T-shirt is designed in honor of her daughter, who is interested in inventing in STEM and inventing! Ain’t nothing like a mama’s love to support you and your dreams.

Fun Fact: I was a biochemistry degree for a while at Texas A&M University. For those that don’t know, Texas A&M is really big on engineering and Aggie engineers are all over the world! As part of my biochemistry degree, I had to take Calculus II and Calculus III after testing out of Calculus I with the AP exam. The male:female ratio was steep, and females were underrepresented in my classes 😦 I’m not sure what it’s like now because it’s literally been 6 years since I’ve been in that class, but either way, let’s keep supporting more females in STEM!

Check out the store by clicking on the link:  The Word Nerd Vinyl Studio

OR you can buy the shirt directly Amazon

My honest review:

  • The shirt does run on the smaller side. To describe the fit, I would describe it as a form fitting crew-neck.
  • The material is soft and stretchy.
  • It also comes in other colors! Click the Amazon link to see more.
  • I personally think it would be a great gift for any girl interested in the STEM field!

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