5 tips to stay encouraged in PA school

Y’all..didactic year. I get it LOL. Our didactic was 21 months. Yikes, right? Here are 5 tips to help stay encouraged when the going goes rough and the light seems dim.

  1. Find your personal essay you wrote for CASPA. Read it. At some point in time before your started your new life, there was a very excited, very eager you who wanted this so bad. Remind yourself that there are things in this world that break your heart and that’s why you’re in school – to be the change for tomorrow.
  2. Take a sabbath day (or hourS). Like really take it, guilt-free. Go do something that makes you human, perhaps an old hobby you left behind when you started drowning in powerpoint lectures. Tell yourself that you shouldn’t feel guilty..and it’s true. You’re more than the powerpoints and lectures. You’re human. And sometimes, you just have to do things that make you human. For me, this was manifested in writing..hence, this blog. If you read some of my posts under “giggles,” many of these were written during my study breaks when I was riddled with frustration and crazed from sleep deprivation. It seemed funny at the time, okay?
  3. Write a note to yourself. I tried my best to write a note to myself every time I was upset from school or if I had a rough day in clinic. I write it on a pretty piece of paper and put it in a jar. But before I fold the paper, I write one thing I’m grateful for that day and put it in.
  4. Cry. I’m not sure if this is sound advice..but there’s nothing like a good cry that makes you feel better. I use to NEVER cry before PA school..but the number of times I cried in didactic, concerning. And the number of times I cried on the 4th floor  aka the quiet floor from stress, also concerning. But I’m a big advocate of crying and letting the feels out cause sometimes, you just gotta let it allllllll out. Cry in front of your PA friends and don’t feel bad. I promise you that they’ll cry in front of you on a later date.
  5. Talk about it. One of my favorite things about PA school is that we’re all in this together. So everyone in class is sitting in the same lecture and taking the same test with you. it creates a special bond. You’re “war buddies” in this journey. Nobody is going to get the feelings you’re feeling better than your classmates. Talk about it. Cry about it. Then encourage each other from it. I always looked to the class above as a reminder that yes, people do get through it and yes, it does get better.

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