In my pockets: Emergency Room

  • Stethoscope. I had this bad boy around my neck most of the time or in a pocket of my scrubs
  • 1 sheet of paper, folding into quarters. Then, I would open it in half like a booklet.
    • On one side, I would put the patient’s room number, age, CC and any pertinent information from the case that would be helpful for me when I presented to my preceptor.
    • On the other side, I would write down things I learned throughout the shift.
    • With 1 clean sheet of paper, it would last me 4 ER shifts if I followed this method and if i wrote small.
    • At the end of it, I would transcribe the information I learned into my trusty notebook.
    • This was a really great way for me to keep track of the type of pts I saw through the night, AND their room number so I could remember to follow up with them through the night to see how they were doing. My preceptor would ask me what room patient XYZ was in and it was nice to have the answer in my hand to tell him.
  • Pen
  • Snack/water bottle
    • Midnight munchies mmmm.
    • Some of the scribes brought around a mini water bottle they would put in their pocket which was GENIUS. I had a hard time staying hydrated on this rotation. My preceptor and I would move down the ER through the night at different stations so I would randomly forget my water bottle at different computers I would use. I never exactly figured out how to drink enough water on this rotation, but at the same time, I was kind of grateful so I would have to awkwardly excuse or sneak a bathroom break in between patients or presenting to my preceptor.

I packed pretty light on this rotation! I was always on the move and didn’t carry my white coat around. Everything I had, I put in my scrub pockets. Less is more, right?

Other things I had that helped me on the rotation

  • INSOLES! My feet hurt at the end of shift a lot of times and I was always on the move. Dr. Scholl’s Tri Comfort Orthotics
  • Concealer. I was gifted with dark circles at the end of my didactic education. After trying a bunch of concealers, name brand and drug store, I resulted to a cult fave- Maybelline Instant Age Rewind
  • This one is kinda random, but I would come home anytime between 1am – 4am on most of my night shifts lol. It was really hard for me to stay asleep when the sun came out and it was hard for me to fall asleep even though I was so tired. Sometimes, I couldn’t turn my brain off because I would just lay in bed and think about the cases I saw that night (that’s not weird right?).
    • So I bought a gel eye sleep mask which functioned to
      • Stop the sunlight from waking me up
      • Cooling effects because my eyes kinda got puffy when my weird, unrestful sleeps
    • I bought mine from Target, but here’s the exact one I have on Ulta’s website: Gel Bead Sleep Mask

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