Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

I’m not sure if other people struggle with this, but I HATE how washed out my lips look in photos. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine because they look so pale and all I see in a picture are my teeth. I mean seriously, where are my lips?! My sister got me this WINE lip tint for Christmas From Chateau Laboitte in “rose coral”. Yup, 2 things I desperately need in my life – color in my lips and wine 🙂 Hands down, one of my favorite gifts this past Christmas.

What is Chateau Laboitte?

Well essentially, Labiotte is a Korean makeup company that strives to use natural ingredients and combining it with innovative dermatological science while reducing the synthetic chemical ingredients normally put in products. They’re also eco-conscious and that’s a big plus for me!

Now, the product. 

  • First off, it smells like berries. YUM. AND it comes in a wine bottle shape…WITH wine extracts? They know the secrets of my heart.
  • The applicator is a soft doe foot so there’s plenty of control when applying.
  • The product is a waste based tint. It is thin and pigmented,but the pigment isn’t super strong so you do have to apply multiple layers on if you want the color to really pop.
    • The good thing about this is that if you apply 1-2 layers, there’s just enough color so that your lips appear pink and visible, but not too much that it’s noticeable that you’re wearing a lip product. It’s subtle, which is a characteristic I appreciate because sometimes, a girl just wants to bring some color to her lips without wanting a bold lipstick.
    • It’s also NOT STICKY and dries mattee, FAST. But, the product doesn’t try your lips out so they don’t look cracked.
  • I haven’t noticed any transferring on any cups when I use it, but the slightly fade through the day, particularly the inner O of my lip
  • Oh, and it’s ~$10


Amazon link: CHATEAU LABIOTTE Wine Lip Tint CR01 Rose Coral



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