In my pockets: Underserved Rotation

IMG_2266In my pockets

  • Ipad.
    • We had an EMR system, but we didn’t have any computers in the room. I downloaded a note-taking app so I could write down things on my iPad before presenting it to my preceptor. This was really helpful because it also allowed me to write down all the things I and NOT waste paper. I’m really into recycling, so the thought of wasting clean paper that I would later toss was something I was not okay with. Additionally, our OSCEs were set up such that we could take a sheet of paper and clipboard into our encounters to take notes. Having the ability to write things down during my first rotation encounters was a piece of comfort and familiarity I was wanted and learned from OSCEs.
    • MPR. Used it a bunch to look up dosing for medications. I also have the app on my phone, but I didn’t want it to appear that I was texting during clinic.
  • Otoscope
    • There were not any scopes in the room, so I had to bring my own. Just be sure you charge it often because mine ran out of battery quickly since I used it so often. It must have been allergy/pharyngitis season when I was there because I did so many ENT exams.
  • Stethoscope
    • You need to bring your ears everywhere for your core exam! I didn’t like wearing it around my neck, so I tossed it in the front left pocket of my whitecoat with my otoscope.
  • Hand sanitizer..or as my friend Alexa likes to call it..hand sanny.
  • Chapstick. It is SO DRY in West Texas
  • Pen/stylus. Duh.
  • Snacks

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