A bag that every girl needs in her life

BagOf all the bags and backpacks I own, this one would be my best friend. How would I describe it? Reliable, versatile, and oh so cute.

After finishing didactic, I knew I wanted a cute, adult purse for rotations. I didn’t want to wear my business professional clothes and bring around my Northface backpack because that would have wrinkled the back of my clothes…I’m just saying, I did not take time out of my day to iron only to get it wrinkled by my backpack. Additionally, there was a good chance that I wouldn’t be bringing my backpack to clinic for the rest of my life, so I felt that it was time to invest in a good quality, classic, affordable purse.  I really wanted a Longchamp, but that was not in my student loan budget to justify and afford.

Things I looked for:

  • Affordable. I bought this back at Nordstrom for a total of $51 after tax and shipping.  There’s also a pretty decent warranty on the item so I could return/exchange for free.
  • Large enough to fit my laptop, charger, phone, and book for boards….and maybe more if I needed to! But, I didn’t want it enormously big that it looked like I carried a pillow case around with me.
  • Neutral color. I wanted it to be an everyday bag that I could wear with any outfit without worrying that it would clash with my outfits. Best part- this bag is reversible and is another neutral color.
  • Quality. I have tremendous faith in Nordstrom products. There has never been a doubt in my mind that when I purchase an item of the store, the price I pay will be so worth the quality of the product to last me for a good amount of time.

Link to product: Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet



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