How Michelle got into PA school

What did you get your masters  degree in? What did that entail? 

Masters in Education in Exercise Physiology at Baylor University. It was a 2 year program with an internship and master’s project.

 Do you feel that your masters helped you in the application process and in PA school?

I felt academically, my undergrad degree helped me a lot more since it was in Biology. I think getting my masters was a good thing to add to my application, but if I knew that I wanted to go to PA school I think it would’ve been more helpful to do my masters in something more specific to health science. I did learn so much in my masters program and I know aspects of it will be helpful in the long run as a PA with health maintenance and education.

How did a soccer player like you decide to go to PA School?

I was always interested in the medical field since I’ve grown up with parents and siblings in the medical field. I first hear about PA school from my brother when he was in his second year of med school and he sold me on it when he talked about all the flexibility there is as a PA and how it is such a great option if you’re wanting to have a family and be a mom.

Tell me about your time as a Baylor soccer player. Did it help you for the application process or PA school? 

It definitely helped me learn how to balance my life and how to manage my time. My life couldn’t just be about school since we had soccer practice every day and traveled for games on the weekends. It was so helpful to experience that before coming to PA school and it helped me balance my life when PA school seemed crazy. It helped me prioritize my life and fit in the activities I wanted/needed to do even when it seemed like I needed to be studying 24/7. It definitely helped to learn to be efficient with my free time since it was limited as an athlete and that was so helpful with PA school. It also taught me that I can’t find my worth in how I perform. There were so many times in soccer that I got so upset with how I played or frustrated that I didn’t get to play as much as I wanted to. It was so easy for me to compare myself to others, but so not worth it. This was definitely something that became important in PA school too. It is so easy to compare to others and feel like you fall short, but it is so not true. We are all worth so much more than how we perform or measure up to the world’s standards. Finding my worth in Christ and knowing that He loves me no matter how small I feel was the biggest game changer.

Were you able to maintain your healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise in PA School?
Hmm depends on the day. I like to keep up the habit of working out every day and I have been consistent with it at times, but other times I have not. It helps me a lot to have a schedule or a goal to wok towards. Running marathons and half marathons became my thing post soccer. It helped to have a running schedule that I would try my best to stick to. That forced me to workout most days after class even when I didn’t feel like it. If I didn’t have that kind of schedule then it was much easier for me to get home from class and lay down or nap since I was always wiped after sitting and trying to pay attention in class all day. I realized when I ate healthy, it definitely helped my energy level and helped me focus better and not get so tired studying. I would eat healthy pretty consistently for a while, but that could easily be thrown off when I would stress eat before tests and because eating cookies and desserts was the only thing that would get me and my friends through a horrible night of studying.

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