Maevn Eon Scrubs


FullSizeRender.jpg-1Okay, YALL. I LOVE these scrubs. By far, the nicest set I’ve ever owned in my 24 years of life. Below are the reasons why:

  • I’m 5’1” and these are the first pair of scrubs I’ve owned where I DIDN’T have to hem up 4-5 inches at the bottom. They come in petite sizes and are true to their size!
  • The waistband! SWOON. I feel so comfortable walking around them without fearing they’ll fall off…which is a fear of mine when I wear my drawstring scrubs without any elastic waistband.
  • The material is light weight, so soft and breathable, and draws moisture away from the skin. I really wish I had these scrubs when I would get pimped during simulation labs because I sweated bullets and had sweat stains on my scrubs. Much attractive, I know. But life is full of unpleasant moments without pretty instagram filters.
    • I also wore these when I walked to school for PASS day in the Texas heat, and I can attest that if you sweat, they won’t show on the scrubs.
  • There’s also a bunch of pockets, which is always good. Y’all know me…I love tucking my shirts into my bottoms. The length and location of the waistband and scrub top are perfect so that I’m able to tuck my shirt in without the pockets showing. But, I can still use the pockets of my top. Because the waistband is so reliable, I feel comfortable using the front two pockets of my top and putting my phone in there without fearing that my pants will fall down or my phone will fall out of my front pocket, which is a fear I have with my other pair of scrubs.



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