What was your major in undergrad?

Allied Health at Texas A&M

What do you think the strongest and weakest part of your application was?

Strongest: I believe the strongest part of my application was the patient contact section. I had the opportunity to scribe in an ER for 2 years before PA school and it was such a valuable experience. I believe it showed PA schools that I was comfortable and familiar in a medical setting and that I was sure of my career choice since I had spent many hours observing various types of providers.

Weakest: I think the weakest part of my application was the shadowing section. I did not spend time specifically shadowing any PAs because I felt that I was able to do that in my job. All of my shadowing hours came from physicians and I was worried this could hurt my application. Luckily, they didn’t seem to mind too much!

What was hardest about applying?

The hardest part of applying was sorting through all the various requirements and prerequisites for each program. Every PA school in Texas (and I’m sure elsewhere) requires something different. I remember realizing just before I applied that I didn’t meet the requirements for one of the schools in Texas and being so upset. When the competition is so steep, you want to have as good of chances as you can, and applying to multiple programs is one way to do that!

Any last tips for applicants and those interested in PA school?

While getting into school and becoming a PA might seem like the most important thing in your life right now, don’t fall into the belief that whether you become a PA or not determines your value. You are so much more than your career! Work hard, but rest in the idea that you are going to end up exactly where you are meant to be. You are no more valuable as a PA or less valuable as something else!


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