What was your major in undergrad?

Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies at Baylor University.

What do you think the strongest and weakest part of your application was? 

Strongest: science gpa, volunteer hours, leadership roles and extracurricular activities
Weakest: patient contact hours, essay and short answer responses

How did you set up a volunteer opportunity for students in your PA club?

I was the Healthcare Liaison Officer for the Baylor Pre-Physician Assistant Society and started a volunteer program through the Family Health Center. I saw a huge need among applicants for patient contact hours and shadowing, so I felt this would be an incredible opportunity for our members to strengthen their applications and gain experience. This program gave students the opportunity to help out in the clinics as as shadow the PAs working there.

How did being an officer for your sorority help you in the pre-applicant process?

Being an officer for my sorority helped me understand the importance of the development of leadership, teamwork, and organization skills. These are all necessary skills to have when working on a healthcare team and providing quality care to patients.

Any last tips for applicants and those interested in PA school?

Tip: Never give up on your dreams!! You can do this!!!!!

Find yourself a good group of friends who will provide you with love, tissues and wine nights. They will be your backbone throughout the ‘process.’


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