What I packed for my underserved, away rotation

Helloooooooo reader!

For my first rotation, I will be at an underserved area, living in a new city, and living in a patient room at the hospital.

Some info on the town: It’s a tiny town with 1 grocery store and 1 clinic.

Let me start off with things I’m SO GLAD I packed

  • Brita Water filter.
    • I had an old one I used in college and brought this bad boy to my rotation site. I’m so thankful I brought this! At first, I felt like a diva, but if you’re living in a  new city for a month, you don’t know what the water is like and you don’t know if it’s safe to drink from the tap! When I lived in College Station, even with the Brita filter, water tasted weird and I needed time to adjust to it. It’s just a lot easier when you can reach into your fridge and pour yourself a glass of water without walking down the hospital hall.
  • Crockpot
    • I bought a lot of canned foods and would just dump it into the crockpot to heat it up. Sometimes, it just feels more homey when it comes out of a pot instead of a microwave.
    • I also plan on using it to make some crockpot Pinterest recipes. My body can only take so much frozen food.
  • Pillow/blanket from home
    • Total comfort items.  Hospital blanket is thin, and the hospital pillow just isn’t your pillow. Having my own blanket and pillows from home aka things I’ve been consistently using, helped me sleep better at night

Things I WISH I brought/did

  • I wish I took the time to research the geography of the area. The place I’m at is DRY. My atopic triad is being fulfilled, and I wish I had my topical steroid with me 😦
  • Slippers.  Walking on tiled floors is cold. I have my fuzzy socks with me, but it’s just not the same as walking on the carpet of my room. #diva
  • Power strip. There’s not a lot of outlets in the rooms. There’s 2 next to the bed, one of which is used to plug the bed in. The other two are at the sink.

The usuals:

  •  Clothes
    • Scrubs/Skirts/tops/dresses
    • T-shirts/Nike shorts
    • Scrubs
  • Shoes
    • Nike’s, black kitten heels, black booties, tan booties, flip flops
  • Toiletries
    • Face wash, toothbrush, tooth paste
    • Shampoo/conditioner/hair serum
    • Face masks…my face enjoys breaking out in new environments. I have princess skin, ok.
    • Body lotion
    • Towel
  • Random
    • Dish soap, sponge
      • I’m really weird with disposable utensils and dishes so yeah.. but i did buy a set of forks and plates for safe measures.
    • Paper towel, surface wipes
    • Iron
  • Laundry basket, laundry detergent
  • STEP-UP to medicine book and other school stuff

I put all of my clothes in a suitcase, and all of my shoes in a duffle bag. Then, all the random, toiletries were put in a giant container. The duffle bag can double as an overnight bag if you decide to stay over or travel within the vicinity of the city, or as a bag to take to the gym. Having a giant container made it way easier than bringing a bunch of bags into the room from the car.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps!


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