Recommendation Letter- who to ask?

With CASPA opening up in a few days, I’d like to fill my blog with tips/tricks on things I was told when I applied to PA school!

The first thing I did when CASPA opened for me was

  1. Make an account
  2. Send your recommendation letter requests to the people intended

Be sure to ask the people you want to write your rec letters, a few weeks in advance and a time frame around when you’ll send out the request. Then, be patient. If it’s been a few weeks and there hasn’t been a reply, follow up with them gently. In an instance of mine, I accidentally got a wrong email address and so the person never got it! It happens lol.

Who to ask?

I say, ask 3 people who can vouch for your character, dedication, and passion to become a PA. I’ve heard a rule of thumb is to ask a professor, a PA you shadowed, and one other (ex: boss)…but honestly, I think as long as your get a balance of different people who can tell the committee who you are and what you stand for, then there isn’t a hard/fast rule of who you must/mustn’t ask.

Lastly, after they’ve written you the letter, be sure you thank them with a card +/- small gift! If anything, a thank you card because they took time out of their busy schedule to vouch for you because they believe in you and know you’ll make a great PA!



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