Steals & Deals

Today, I found some pretty sweet deals on clothes I’d like to share with you, reader!

New York & Company 


They have an awesome spring sale right now. Everything is 50+% off, including full price items! (excluding new Eva Mendes Collection Spring Style).  I got this dress that was ~$46 for ~$14….essentially 70% off.  It’s a black/white 3/4 wrap dress that’s cinched at the waist. The material is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Fear not; it fits well enough to give you shape but loose enough so you can breathe. The 3/4 sleeves gives enough room for error if I wash my hands too vigorously past my wrists , without fear of it getting on my sleeve. It hits a little past the knee and keeps a good length when I sit down.  Oh, and did I mention the modest v-neck? Love this dress so much and I can’t wait to wear it!



There’s also an awesome sale at Express! Their clearance is up to 60% off with an additional 20%! I got these two slim-fit portofino button downs. The shirt in the back is a deep forest green (which is also my favorite color); I’d pair it with a pair of dark slacks and black booties. The red floral one is so bold and cute; I’d pair it with a pair of white slacks and tan or black booties.   The slim-fit portofino fits pretty well on my petite body, giving me a loose fit without it appearing boxy like most button downs.  I would tuck both of these shirts in (this is how I wear most of my clothes, ask my friends lol) to give more shape. Both tops are made of 100% polyester, which I love!

Thanks for reading and I hope you find yourself some cute clothes at a great price!




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