That student life

Like most girls in their 20s (or humans in general), I’m kinda obsessed with things that cute, fun, and affordable. But living off those student loans, one disbursement at a time (haha painfully true), taught me where how to save where I can without sacrificing quality and styles that make me happy and make me who I am.  Here are some things I love using and are solid deals for that student life.

  1. Ebates
    • This is probably my favorite thing to use. I love to shop online. Don’t get me wrong, back when I was young and wild, I enjoyed a good Black Friday crowd at 12am in high school. But since I’ve gotten older, I’ve enjoyed shopping online as I lounge on my couch with a soft blanket.
    • I know that I’m going to buy what I want online regardless…so why not get some money back for it?
    • Every time you make a purchase, but sure you click on the store from Ebates and they’ll give you a certain percent CASH BACK. It’s not much, but overtime, it racks up!  They have a lot of participating stores on there so you can get credit for spending money online!
    • Link Here– You can earn up to $10 cash back!
  2. Target’s cartwheel
    • I love Target. Who doesn’t? Their cartwheel app has coupons and discounts online that you can save. Best part: you can  use the coupons WITH manufacturers coupons, so double the savings!
    • Cartwheel also has a point system. You can redeem these points for their goodies and essentially get “free” items from Target. Last time, I used my points for a Venti Chai because why not?
  3. J.Crew, Loft’s
    • If you’re in that weird transition stage where you come straight to PA school from college and your closet is full of free t-shirts and Nike shorts, finding adult/professional clothes can seem daunting.
    • J.Crew and Loft’s are my top 2 favorite stores.
      • I like to go to the outlet malls for J.Crew because outlet malls already have discounted prices. Then I use my student ID to get 15% off my purchase at the end. BAM, double saving.
      • As for the Lofts, I’ve been unsuccessful with using my student ID at the outlets. But, same concept applies. Shop at Lofts and show them your student ID for a discount
    • Note: Student ID needs to be in done in store only.
  4. Spotify Premium 
    • Like most students, I listen to music when I study. I LOVE Spotify Premium. I highly suggest getting it. Originally $10/month, but with the student discount, it’s $5/month.
    • You can save your songs and listen to them on your phone for those long car rides to clinic sites or your drives back home without using data. Gotta save that 4G for “emergencies” like checking my instagram and sending snapchats haha.
    • Oh, and did I mention…there’s no commercials and you’re always in the know with all the new hits that drop
    • Link here
  5. Chick-fil-A app , Starbucks Rewards
    • These two places are classic, will never fail me, trustworthy places. The amount of chick-fil-a I’ve consumed and the number of times I’ve been there during my career in PA school is a secret I’ll keep between myself and credit card lol. But I love the Chick-Fil-A app! If you spend a certain amount, they’ll give you free food!
    • Starbucks Rewards. I study at Starbucks a lot. I like to get their tall teas or their tall coffees. When you’re a member, you can free refills on their teas/coffee, so I’ll spend 4 hours at Starbucks with my $2-3 dollar drink w/ unlimited refills lol. And same with Chick-Fil-A, you  get free food/drinks after you spend a certain amount.

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