Basic Necessities

Here’s a list of basic things you need to get through PA school

  1. Coffee/Energy Drinks. You need to wake up and stay awake to study.
  2. NSAID/Acetaminophen. Tension headaches and migraines, they’re real. You will get them. If not, then you’re not staring on your computer screen enough.
  3. Wine. Nothing like wine to help you turn down the night and turn off your brain.
  4. Leggings. It’s important to be comfortable while you sit in that chair for a long time. And ask you take your breaks, you need your legs to be covered in a breathable material as you take strides around the library hallway.
  5. Oversized sweater and shirt. It’s hard looking cute on the weekends because you no longer have to abide by a business casual dress code. Wearing and oversized top hides the fact it’s your 3rd time wearing the same pair of leggings…in a row.. I mean honestly, people only really look at your upper half of your body anyways.
  6. Hair tie. Gotta put your hair up in that donut bun. And as you get more stressed and tired, pull on that bun on the top of your head. Nothing like Trichotilimona to speed up the process of hair loss. But a plus is that the messy bun is in. It’s all about textured hair and all natural products now, so that naturally oily hair of yours in a messy bun with loose pieces of hair framing your face fits in perfectly to what we like to call fashion.
  7.  Glasses/Eye drops. I promise you that you prescription for your glasses and contacts will go up. You should also invest in eye drops to re-wet your contact lenses for when t hey fall off your eye balls or when your eye balls are dry and strained.

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