Physiological changes of a PA Student

Day 4 back into school..already behind…what else is new?

After feeling refreshed and dark circle free from break and picking up some “healthy habits” such as drinking less wine and coffee, I’m beginning to see my old ways slowly creep back into my life.  As you start school again, here are some physiological changes you may see happen to your body. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Everybody has it, everybody goes through it. It’s the natural process of PA life, as far as PA life goes.

  • DIAGNOSIS: Dark circles/eye bags
    • Within my first month of PA school, i started to get really annoyed. I thought my loyal Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er liquid eyeliner  (don’t worry it was  a gift) was failing me because i just kept on seeing this imprints on my lower lids. Frustrated, I would constantly wipe my lower lids when I saw my face in the bathroom…until I realized that the darkness under my eyes were NOT from the smudging of my eyeliner, but rather the sleepless nights.
    • Over the year, my dark circles deepened in color and I noticed that it appeared more prominent and distinct, particularly so towards my medial canthus…that’s because i started to get EYE BAGS.
      • AND MY FRIEND FRIEND, THEY ARE PROMINENT. I was watching a patient encounter that I had performed last semester and I saw the bags in the VIDEO…and let me tell you, I “covered” that up with my undereye concealer.
    • PLAN:
      • SLEEP MORE. Over break, I slept for a double digit amount of time and the earliest I woke up was at a double digit (i.e. 10am). Then i would try to be productive and I had a strict nap at 5pm until whenever my heart desires.
      • Invest in EYE CREAM.
        • Truthfully, I haven’t seen much changes LOL. But i haven’t been using it consistently.
        • I’ve been trying some Clinique and Shiseido ones..I’ll let you know how it goes LOL.
      • CONCEAL the FEELS
        • I heard color correcting is really good for dark circles, but nobody has time for that. Instead, take your favorite concealer and make some swipes under your eyes in a triangular fashion, then dab dab dab until you blend that sucker out. The concealer will hide your dark circles and the triangular fashion will give you a natural matte highlight to make you appear more awake and refreshed..or that’s what I like to tell myself at least.
  • DIAGNOSIS: Weight loss/weight gain
    • One year into school and it’s summer time, you’ll put on that cute and tiny two piece bikini that made your butt look great and your boobs look awesome. Except…you’ve either gained weight from the stress eating (like me) or lost weight from the stress/depression….and you put on a pair of shorts over your bottoms and a tank over the top.
    • I know I may sound a tad overdramatic but honestly, I’m not. Ask my classmates, or better yet, ask your own classmates. Ask them how their body has undergone physiological changes from being in school.
    • One year into school, you’ll look in the mirror while you wear your bikini and wonder, “what happened to my cute body and cute butt?”
    •  PLAN: something about exercising and eating a healthy diet
  • DIAGNOSIS: lack of color
    • Being in class under those lovely fluorescent lights all day and the same fluorescent lights in library all day really prevents you from getting your Vit D.
    • On my 23rd bday, I noticed some prominent veins appearing on my legs and one on my CHEST. I was FREAKING OUT and literally trying to self-diagnose myself with a disorder because it was something I’ve never experienced in my life. Luckily, I asked one of my fairer friends and she told me it was normal. I’m just saying, according to the Fitzpatrick Scale, I should be a Fitzpatrick 4 but I’m definitely not.
    • PLAN: study at a park or something when it’s nice outside. Go run outdoors..heard that’s how people keep their lifelong tan.
  • DIAGNOSIS: Hairloss
    • happens to the best of us. Nothing like Telogen Effluvium for your body to remind you the stress you’re going through is REAL. Ladies, when you wash your hair and CLUMPS just FALL out..don’t worry. That’s okay…it’s part of the process of change. For a while, I was genuinely concerned that I was going to go bald because it was just handfuls of hair coming out, but it’s ok because I noticed some of it start to grow back and now i have all of these annoying baby hairs.
    • PLAN: Biotin, Zn, tincture of time.

Don’t freak out if you’re in school and your hair is falling out, your clothes don’t fit right,  you always have sad eyes, and you look pale.

You’re just a PA student…or a zombie…or both.


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