Dear Alex


At the start of Fall 2016 aka fall semester of second year aka the hardest semester of PA School, it was suggested by faculty that we write a letter to ourselves, thanking and reminding ourselves about why we chose to come to PA school and why this matters to us. It was suppose to be that little piece of nostalgia that brings us back to earth when it feels like crap is hitting the fan and life is spinning out of control. I wrote this letter to myself and taped it above my desk.

Not pictured is the envelope that held the card. It said:


  1. You feel like crying
  2. Life is going horribly
  3. You’ve made it

I opened it after the semester was over and read this sweet note to myself haha.

So if you’re feeling bad about school and everything is going horribly, I just want to encourage you with the above.

Find yourself in the Lord, not in a number or three letters. You are worth so much more. 


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