Pre-applicant process

Hi! So here’s my application and my opinion in a large nutshell lol. I’m not an expert in getting into PA school, but here’s some information about my application and what I did to be considered “competitive” in the whole process.

  • *Grades:
    • To be considered “competitive” in the application, it’s historically been a 3.5+ overall and 3.5+ science GPA. But as the application pool has become more competitive in recent years, I’ve noticed the average class GPA for the two of those is actually a lot higher.
      • I recommend choosing a major that you’ll enjoy and can learn a lot from to prepare you as a future clinician, but will allow also allow you play the “GPA game” and get the necessary grades to be competitive.
      • But fear not, just because you’re not considered “competitive”, it doesn’t mean anything. My science GPA was < 3.5 and I still made it 🙂
  • *Patient contact
    • I think this a really big component of the application! Some schools will even require a minimal hour that you must have in order to apply
    • Here are some jobs my classmates had before PA School
      • EMT-B/Paramedic
      • Medical assistant
      • Scribing
      • Physical Therapy Techs
      • Athletic trainers
  • *Volunteering
    • Going into the PA Profession or any medicine is an occupation of service, so I think volunteering and giving back to the community before applying shows the school that you truly do love serving and helping others!
  • Shadowing
    • I didn’t have any family members who know PAs, so what I did was google: “PAs in _____” and then called every single office  of them on the list.  Then I asked to speak to the office manager to see if it was something they did and went from there. Like honestly, what’s the worst they can say? No? You have nothing to lose basically.
    • You can also ask your provider or friends if he/she knows any PAs that you could shadow.
    • Additionally, you can shadow other providers (MD, DO, NP, etc.);  I think shadowing other providers, in addition to a PA, will make you a strong applicant for the interview process because you’ve explored other comparable occupations. It’s a really great way to show the school and interviewer that you’ve looked and considered other options but yet, you decided to chose become a PA because of reasons XYZ.

* = top 3 most important thing in my opinion of a strong applicant

Here’s a website I referenced a lot before I applied to PA School: www.

I still reference this website a lot when I’m have questions so I think it’s a really great source!

I also looked at this book, which was really helpful for the interview process. It also has more information about the application process:


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