Victories of 2016

As 2016 is coming to a close, here are some victories of this not so fun year.


1. I started off the year with one of my college best friends getting engaged to one of my high school friends! SMALL WORLD. I can’t wait for them to tie the knot in a few weeks!


2. A majority of my spring semester was spent studying pharmacology. One spontaneous weekend with beautiful weather, my classmate Alexa and I decided to go to Trinity Trails to study some drugs. What’s NOT pictured here is the multiple awkward photos we had because we were using a selfie stick lolol.


3. This February, my cousin got married! It was the weekend before my second pharmacology test and I was worried because 500+ drugs and their mechanism of action, side effects, and contraindications? Yeah, enough said. I was worried that I wouldn’t make it because I really needed to study since I got a C on the first test, but he was so kind and accommodating, he went above and beyond to find means for me to come while still be able to study. So I FLEW BACK home and studied at the airport and on the plane, then his friends from pharmacy school drove me back to the airport so I could study in the car. I feel like I have really nice people in my life and I don’t know why they’re so nice to me. He went above and beyond to make sure everyone could be there on the big day 🙂 They had a cute photo booth and I just had to post the one with the derpy picture because why not?


4. I went to BELIZE CITY, BELIZE for Spring Break! PAAARRRRTAYYYY. Not really, I literally didn’t even seen the beach. Go google Belize and look at images. Yeah, didn’t see any of that. It was such an incredible experience! One day, I’m going to dedicate an entire post on it.


5. This is us studying together for our cumulative pharmacology final of 1500+ drugs after taking a cumulative final the day before, and another cumulative final the morning of. YAY PA SCHOOL! But Alexa’s sweet mama sent us Tiff’s treats to help us study and wished us good luck.


6. We started and finished our Master’s project! And we presented it to the faculty. Our clinical question: For general health, is depression related to weight status in young adult females?


7. SGLT2 Co-transporter night! A drug rep dinner sponsored to feed us food we can’t afford and wine we love. I learned a lot about the drug that night and it was so fun! And it was a GREAT way to end the night after our pediatrics final!




9. Margret and I went to a pop-up class by Michelle Keys, a former DCC and Mavs Dancer. We danced to Ariana Grande’s “Into you.” I sucked at it, but it was fun!


10. We saw Panic! At the Disco :O My 13 year old angsty self came out and I felt SO FULFILLED. The concert  brought back so many memories as a 13 year old who blasted them through my headphones of my CD Player. We also saw Weezer that night…Beverely Hills, that’s where I want to be


11.  I got to watch the Texans vs Cowboys pre-season game, 5 rows from the FRONT. It was AWESOME.  It was my first time at the stadium and it was incredible! Thanks for the sweet tickets, Norin! The next morning at 9am I had a pediatrics quiz LOL.


12. This sweet girl got MARRIED. Eep! I’m going to write an entire separate post about weddings & PA School, so stay tuned.


13. Myee’s wedding shower filled by heart with joy. Literally cannot wait to stand by her side on her big day! This picture makes me so happy because I love her so much!


14. I saw Duncan Fellows! And then I saw Guster! Duncan fellows got me through really really really really long nights studying so to see them live and hear the music they made just made the sweet victories all the sweeter 🙂



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