Getting through the holidays

It’s holiday season! That means carefully constructing your answer when your grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins ask you the timeless question, “How’s school?”

Here’s a carefully constructed, personal fave of top 5 gray answer(s) to give when people ask you how school is going. They’re an accumulation of some of my favorite phrases through the year of when my classmates and I go back home haha

  1. It’s really hard…. but it’s going
  2. Oh it’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine.
  3. *long pause, deer in headlights appearance* It’s great! I love it.
  4. Oh it’s going good! But enough about me, tell me what’s going on with your life?
  5. *smiles. nods. changes topic*

Here are some ways to get your body language to match the lie you’re telling to your family

  1. Social smile. JUST SMILE.
  2. Do NOT pause before answering them. I’ve done this a few times and they saw through me 😦
  3. Raise your voice when you reply. That way, it sounds like you’re super excited to be there at school!
  4. Did I mention, SMILE?! That way, they don’t see the deadness behind your eyes. (haha I AM SO OVERDRAMATIC)

But all seriousness, sometimes it’s hard to truly express how you feel about school and not come off as a negative Newton around family you haven’t seen in months. It’s also hard to find a balancing act between how you feel vs. the statistics of getting into grad school. For example, the program I’m currently at has an acceptance of 2-3%. So in an application pool of 2000-3000, only ~ 75 people get in.  Truly it’s a balancing act because you don’t want to come off as an ingrate, especially not during the holidays, but at the same times, you want your feelings to be validated.

Truth be told, I haven’t figured out the perfect answer when people ask me, “how’s school?”


Here’s a picture of me and my cousin Stephen with his black velvet hoodie. I tried to recreate the meme for this post and kinda failed lolol. img_0196


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