I turned 24 last week! My friends are so sweet and took the entire day to spend it with little, old me. We went to the museum and it was so much fun. The right side of my brain tends to get neglected a lot from all the science things, and so it was simply wonderful to nourish that side of my head. There was a cool exhibit that had photographs and items from the Texas-Mexico border, and there was also your classic modern pieces.

Afterwards, we went to Kent & Co for some fancy bottles of wine and sat in a cute patio area. It was so sweet to have broad fremistry become a thing, where 2 of my friend groups in PA School come together to just be with me. Then we went to a Roof top bar and I dropped some serious $$ and bought Vegas Bombs for everyone there since literally they spent their entire day with me, bought me wine and cheese, and nachos, it was honestly the least I could do. Lastly, we went to a bar and played Jenga and then danced! YAY.

I felt SO LOVED. I literally will never understand how I lucked out on some kind, genuine friends through my PA School career. If anything, the program does an incredible job of selecting my classmates, people who will spend 6 hours sitting next to me and another 5 hours at the library with me, Monday-Friday, the least.

My birthday always comes at a weird time around finals and Thanksgiving, so I honestly can’t remember the last time i celebrated my birthday. And after this very long semester, it was just nice to be with people that I learned to love in this journey called PA School and just be with them.




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