Reblog: Study Tips

Wrote this a while back but accidentally deleted it oops. Reblog of the way I studied before Fall Blocks LOL. Different monsters, first year vs second year.

Before starting PA School, there was a whirlwind of information thrown at me. One of the best ones I heard was along the lines of, “Do what works best for you. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”  But of course, as a first  year who was so anxious and a little high strung at what school had to offer me, I had to try a little bit of everything from what others told me..and ultimately, I went back to what worked for me in undergrad.


  • I made outlines of powerpoints, printed the notes, and highlighted it. Read my outlines a few times and wrote down things I couldn’t remember. Went in and took a test. Boom.
  • I studied Sunday night – Thursday afternoon, 3-4 hours tops after each day after class.

But grad school, 1 class of 3 hours was equivalent to a week of information that I would learn in college. Here are adjustments that I made in the past year that help me adapt to the new rigors:

  • Preview..ideally in a perfect world. It’s kind of hard sometimes because the lectures aren’t posted prior, up until the last minute.
  • Objectives. I always ignored these in college because..who cares. But they’re actually really helpful in school. I try to fill them out as a preview. A faculty told our class to think of previewing as doing the world front heavy instead of back heavy. Either way, I have to read and study the powerpoint..
  • Printing my notes out. There’s a lot of papers/notes in school..and I print them all. For some unknown reason, I don’t remember things as well when I read things on the screen so I print everything out. Then, I highlight and read over those objectives a few times, and write down things I don’t remember.
  • I study a lot more… I tend to wake up at 6:30, get ready, study from 7:30-8:30, then walk to school. Then I sit in class from 9-3, 4. And afterwards, I start studying again from 5-10 or 11:30 and sleep.


  • I use OneNote. It’s the bomb. I convert my powerpoints into PDF and type notes during lecture to the side of it. It’s pretty flexible and I can do a lot with it. But the downside is that you can’t print it with the edits on the sides.
  • Microsoft Word..stick to the basics bro.
  • Google. Enough said.

Welcome to my life for the next 34 months.


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