How to look good in PA School

  1. DRY SHAMPOO. Not sure if I need to say more, other than there are some weeks where your hair gets nasty and a spritz of dry shampoo that tells the world you practice good hygiene.
  2. A basic every-day makeup routine. There’s something magical with filled in brows, and either 2 lines above your eyes or thicker lashes. Think of it as putting on your face to show the world you’re okay aka your laptop screen and the faculty lecturing.
  3. Get the minimal amount of sleep that will allow you to hit REM cycle. This is important because that’s when your short-term memory becomes long-term, so if anything, do it for that test that you’re studying for and it’s 11pm and you haven’t gone through all the new materials yet.
  4. Wear scrubs to school with a  messy bun and neon tennis shoes. I call it,  “scrubs meet boho-chic”. Be sure to tuck your scrub top into your pants and your classmates will tell you that you look like a working healthcare provider, but really you haven’t done laundry in weeks and you’re wearing the same pair of scrubs for the third time.
  5. Shower. Sounds simple, but sometimes you can’t even. But a shower gives you beautiful hair, washing away the days of caked on dry shampoo,  the seeped caffeine into your pores, and those tears stained cheeks of yours. You walk out of the shower and see your classmates. Then you get a bunch of compliments about how nice your hair looks.

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