Fall Blocks Study Update

So fall blocks were brutal lol. I had to make some adjustments because there was too much information and not enough time.

Here’s what changed in my studying

  • Previewing went out the door.  No time
  • I was in an awesome ppt to google doc conversion so I would take notes on the word doc and print it out after class.
  • Afterwards, I would study and highlight my packet of notes and then take notes from my packet on computer paper. Then, I would just study my packet of computer notes because there was never enough time to go through the power points again.
  • OneNote became a collection of ppt that I’m probably going to reference one day when I’m in rotations or practice. It’s just nice to have the ppts separated into classes and tabbed based on tests.
  • My group studying also decr simply because there just wasn’t enough time for it lol.

This is basically what I did for most of my classes and I somehow magically made it through the hardest semester of PA school. YAY. Still in disbelief.


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