Monday Morning with pig’s feet

Hello and welcome to our blog!

I thought I’d start off this beautiful morning  and the first official blog post with my first hands-on experience with punch and shave biopsies. This semester, we’re in dermatology, musculoskeletal, hematology, and our master’s project course, totaling up to 11 hours for 7 weeks. The punch and shave biopsy was for our dermatology course and it was after our midterm. It was so cool to finally be able to do biopsies, especially after reading about different types on Powerpoints for hours on end. I love it when the endless hours of studying finally come to life and we’re able to apply it to help people! One of the many wonderful things of medicine 🙂

BTW, My teacher named my pig, Joe, and Joe had a lot of lesions.

Punch Bx:

We drew a lesion on our pig’s feet and used a 5mm punch to biopsy it. Afterwards, we stitched it up using 4-0 prolene.

Shave Bx:

We used a dermablade for the shave biopsy and it was a lot easier than the punch bx because no stitching was involved.

YAY for my first blog post 🙂 



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